Thursday, September 9, 2010

hodge-podge of whew!

Where do I start....??
today was not a usual day
drove the kids to school-- and dropped son #2 off at the office/ with crutches... (that is a long story- spent yesterday running back and forth from the health center- to Kahuku hospital for x-rays... ) It's not broken.
But it sure is swollen and sore.
Torn tendon or ligament--

my husband whom I never ever mention on my blog--
(or nearly never out of respect for his privacy...
...I don't understand why he doesn't want to share all the details of his life - publicly on my blog- for whomever passes by to read.??.. )

Anyway- he was asked to perform a wedding!

It was today! A really nice/warm couple.

I love how life- throws in some unexpected zingers our way.

Good zingers.
I mean-
when I married an accountant- I didn't really ever think he would be performing marriages...

I didn't think we would ever live in Hawaii either

I love that life isn't as predictable as I expect.

.... the real fun part was....
I got to play the wedding photographer-
pretty hard to mess it up- when you have the ocean as a back drop.
I must tell you-
that was alot of fun.

I'm tempted to change professions.

their daughter was adorable and snapping photos too

Here's a picture of me- afterward
we grabbed a bite at Ted's bakery...
the food is very yummy
I highly recommend it--
even though drinks are about $2.50 a pop!
I recommend you bring your own.

(I made my little belt/flower- you can see how on Swirl Sew Simple.)

And here is batman (photo- for the grandmas)
This is a photo from a few nights ago
Our high school hosted a carnival for the
senior GRAD night.
Face Painting was a big hit-- but it down poured 3 or 4 times
so his mask was a dripping mess by the time we got home.

1 comment:

T said...

I'm enjoying the drippy batman mask a lot!!!

Word Verifier says "bahopt" which is apparently referring to your trip to Ted's Bakery - unfortunately WV has a horrid Boston accent and apparently thinks that the bakery is a bar? (man, that was funnier when I could just say bahopt out loud instead of explaining it all...)

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