Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time to Start a Book Club!

This fall there is a great line- up of movies coming out based on beloved books.
My two oldest sons are VERY MOTIVATED by movies as rewards to reading the book.

if you've always wanted to start a book club- but were worried about hosting a book club...
MOVIE/Book clubs are the easiest.

Here's the line up for our club this fall.

Movie Opening Dates:
Sept 24th Legend of the Guardians
Nov 19th Harry Potter Deathly Hallows
Dec 10th Chronicles of Narnia: The Dawn Treader
Dec 22nd Gulliver's Travels

So- gather you book club
Pass out the list.
Make sure you have the books ASAP so they can start reading.
Our goal is to have book one read in the Guardian series before the movie... on the 24th. Some kids might read past.

You can do this!
Happy Reading!


SWIRL said...

I just started reading book one- normally I don't get into talking animal books...
I don't
but this one has caught my attention.
I like it
I like it alot.

Lee Family said...

is the guardian one the one with the owls? i've seen it advertised on TV, but didn't realize it was a book to movie one. I'm not big on the talking animals ones either (except the Narnia books -those I've loved for years). What age level are they?

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