Sunday, September 26, 2010

We have a PUPPY

Okay- it has been a while since I posted on this site.
Big news- is a new puppy in our home.
But- no actual pictures yet... reason being...
he's not very photogenic.
I am trying to get a "cute puppy" picture and
he always looks away or down
or he has "red-eyes"
or fuzzy...
We got him from the news paper.
They advertised them as
"Poi Dogs"
a Mix- mutt.
But some pups looked like this....
and the mom looked a bit Shar pei
and the owners thought the mom had some retriever in her...
Ours is a brindle brown color- his coloring looks more like a Tabby Cat- striped.
But he is a sweet heart and quiet. (for now- I am sure he will get his "bark".)
I am looking forward to a running buddy
kids are enjoying him.
we are keeping our fingers crossed.
Even my husband thinks he's a great pup... hopefully- he doesn't turn crazy-dog.
The only complaint my kids have so far... is he is too mellow.
not a problem- in my mind.
I would much rather have a lazy dog... than a wild crazy one.


T said...

the doggy bloggy love is bound to kick in... I'll be expecting cute pictures!

I can only appreciate from afar, as up close I just get all hivey and runny... :(

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Poi dogs. HA That's heelarious. Mixed mutt, mixed plate, everything is all mixed up over there. ha ha

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