Thursday, October 28, 2010


Does anyone know how to post PDF files?
I am starting my flybaby routine...
and I made a cute chart for the first month...
converted it to a pdf file... so I could share it with all you--- my bff's

but I can't figure out how to post pdf files.

my neighbor Heidi
suggested we support each other in our efforts to re-claim our homes.
I've done the "fly lady" program when we lived in California... and it really works!
You can find it at

I know- you are thinking...
if it works.. why do you have to reclaim your house?

While we lived in California.. our house was under control and clean..
but then we moved.. and were in limbo
and I floundered in my routines.. that no longer fit our lifestyle in Hawaii...
and then I fell off the wagon completely and back to bad habits..

so anyway
if you want to jump in--
(help me figure out how to post pdf files.. and I'll share my goodies!)

Hey! It's almost Halloween!
I've got one little Iron Man who is itching to go trick-or-treating!


T said...

the PDF question is beyond me... and so is my crazy falling apart house.

of course, I'm blaming that partly on the son who I told to put away those rolled towels... even put them on the piano bench to encourage his compliance. They sat for 2 days on the piano bench (usually he plays at least 2 hours a day) only to be dumped on the couch last night...

of course, then I am to blame again for teaching them bad habits.

A mom can't win :)

Michelle said...

I use Scribd. Once you have pdfs (you can get free converters for that), you upload them to Scribd, and they give you a code to embed them in a post.
I would love to see your charts! I'm a Flybaby, too. :)

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