Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Book Club ideas

I've just posted some Halloween ideas on my Book Club 4 Boys site.
you can find them HERE-

I know some of you are looking for book selections good for boys..
one book I've just started reading

It's an older book--
Lots of twists.. and a mystery...set around Halloween!

Things here are slowing down.
We are getting ready for a baptism in our family!
That is always exciting.
I cannot believe how the boys are growing!

I haven't been posting much on this site- because I've been posting a TON on my Swirl Sew Simple site.
You can click on the side bar button and see my progress with the LDS
YOUNG Women's Personal Progress Program.
I am having a lot of fun.

It's fun being a girl.
I mean- don't get me wrong- I love my boys...
and being a mother of boys...
it is nice to connect to my femine side - on a regular basis.


T said...

I know I read the Westing Game when I was a kid (somewhere around 9 or 10 probably) but for the life of me I don't remember a thing about it... guess it's time for a re-read!

Lee Family said...

I love the Westing Game. One of these days I'll find it in our storage unit for Joshua to read. He's doing the 39 Clues right now (I mean, we are, we fight over the book when he brings the next one home from the library!) and I think he'd really enjoy Westing.

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