Monday, January 24, 2011

Best Stocking Stuffer- EVER!

I was sick- sick- sick this past Christmas- anything I hadn't thought about (stocking stuffers) before our trip to the mainland... wasn't even on my radar... come Christmas Eve.

Thankfully - my husband was on top of his game.
He went out a few nights before and took care of where I was lacking.

Something that turned out to be a true treasure-- are these little babies....

Each boy got one in his stocking. (Thanks Santa!)
and in a different color- brilliant! Now the boys can't steal each others-- they all know- whose is silver, whose is blue, whose is green etc....

Last night the three older ones went to bed - kinda late for us 9:30. At about 10- when my husband and I finally tumbled into bed... and turned our light off-- I noticed a glow coming from down the hall....

I got up to investigate.. who left what on....
and they all three were READING!

My heart jumped for joy!
I can finally be one of those moms who can complain their kids stay up reading too late!

I didn't even disturb them... I tip toed back into bed with a smile on my face.
MISSION: Accomplished!
My kids have FINALLY figured out reading is FUN!

It only took-- how many years?
How many book clubs?

How many treats? How many bribes?


acte gratuit said...

I had a similar experience. I was reading Harry Potter (we were on #2) out loud to my son when, after we finished reading one night, he snuck it into his room and finished the book. He couldn't stand the suspense.

I had to act outraged, but I was actually thrilled. And I still feel just as happy when I find out he stayed up late reading!

I'm putting some of these lamps in my Amazon cart!

T said...

Yaaaaay! I love that "moment" when they finally read for fun... or at least without a huge argument!

I got a new booklight last year that I am still in love with - although I think I need to replace the batteries - it's called the Lightwedge (got mine at Amazon) and although it's a little on the pricey side, it has been a lifesaver!!!

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