Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I cannot believe I haven't posted since... NOV 4th!
It isn't I haven't been thinking of you!
I totally have~

I hope you check out my Swirl Sew Simple site-
(though I haven't been blogging there much either)

What have I been up to?
I was working MADLY on a HUGE 50th Wedding Anniversary book for my in-laws.. that turned out BEAUTIFUL- if I do say so myself.

and then ... well ... the holidays..
a trip to "snow town"

oh- yeah.. and getting sick... but that was all in December.

Oh yeah and there was a bit of a fiasco-- getting the Anniversary book printed. (it was a digital scrapbook) But I'll tell you more about THAT later... (well maybe... if I am still mad about it.)

Big news is there is a GIVE AWAY going down on Bookclub4boys.com website.

A really great Young Adult book that is SURE to become a new classic.
So go check it out- it's not too late to win a free copy!



Anjeny said...

What happened? I seriously hope that SU didn't screw up some more on your book.

Welcome back to the land of sunshine.

T said...

you know we'll just wait patiently for you here in the neighborblog...

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