Sunday, February 6, 2011

I've been cleaning!

I have a cleaning buddy.
My neighbor and I have been belly aching over our houses for years- and we decided ...
WHY not help each other clean?
I don't know about you, by the time I put everything away...
I have no energy to actually CLEAN.
So I go to her house for 2 hours on Wed. She comes to my house for 2 hours on Friday...
You would be amazed what 2 mom's cleaning together can accomplish in just 2 hours!

Anyway- she went overboard last week and cleaned out her closet! It was beautiful. I wasn't planning on copying her... but I just couldn't walk past my closet without thinking about it.
I couldn't have her house be "one up" on our house...!
so on Saturday...
I spent the whole day cleaning out our closet!

It's beautiful.

This was half way.. .when I wanted to sit on my bed and cry
Why does it always have to look/get/be soooo bad-- before it looks good?


T said...

dang... apparently I need a neighbor who wants to swap, because I REALLY need to get my act together!!!

Lee Family said...

The after looks great, Laura!! The before...reminded me of our Fugal Hall days :) I totally hear you on starting and then wondering why you started on that project. I do that every time I try to reorganize our room. Since we live with my parents, the 3 kids are in one small room and then we have our room...which is also our computer room, craft area, and homework space for my husband. I often sit and want to cry when I look at it!

Emily said...

So why did you choose Heidi as your cleaning buddy and not me? You've been in my house too many times. You know the truth.

Hey! I was happy to see a bookshelf in your closet. That's the only place ours fits as well!

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