Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Princess Academy

I know. I know.
A girl book? REALLY?
I am a girl ya know? i really liked this book! I work with the beehives (girls ages 12-14) at our church and I was trying to find a book they would enjoy. (Maybe start a Beehive Book club?)
Because I don't have enough book clubs in my life. (lol)

I am working on a trifold book mark: I promise I'll add that link when it is ready.
But I was just brainstorming ideas of things we could do for our book club discussion.

Basic Summary: Miri lives in the mountains. Her people are hard working and honest. Twice a year or so the traders from the lowlands make the trek up the mountain to trade for the rock the mountain people quarry. They look down on the mountain people and often offer as little as possible for their trade. This time is different: the lowlanders come with news that the priests in the kingdom have declared the prince must marry a girl from their region- so a Princess Academy will be established to educate all eligible girls. Unfamiliar with the ways of the world outside their mountain... the people don't know what to think.

Miri can't believe any lowlander would allow a crown to sit on a mountain girls head, but she is eager to prove mountain girls are just as smart as lowlanders.

I really enjoyed the story, but also liked the themes in the book of
discovering self worth
value of reading and an education
a little romance (giggle)
and the idea of becoming a princess! (isn't that every girls dream?)

I'll post more later I gots to RUN!
I'll be late for interpreting!


T said...

good book!!! sometimes you just have to read a girl book for your own sanity :)

Lee Family said...

This was a fun book...I read it a few years back. I may have to revisit it one of these days if our library has it.

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