Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New format for my book clubs.. and clubbing...:o)

I would say we are in a slump..
My kids are feeling...
"Book Club- been there
done that."

Even my 8 year old has lost the twinkle in his eye- when I say book club.
What happened?

So all three of the older boys have moved onto
Movie/Book Club format.

I am happy...that means less work and prep for me.
but sad at the same time....

that's less "options" in the books we read.
They are only interested in books- relating to movies coming out in the theater.
(because they love going to movies... naturally. And they know if they want MOM to pay-- they have to read the book.)

Happily- my oldest is working on his Reading Merit Badge... and one of the requirements is to do a service project. He has started a "book club" for my youngest.
It is so dang adorable!
You can click here to see his story time using flash lights...
and click here to see his story time where we made PIZZA....

So I guess that is the natural progression of life...

I have to embrace the changing format and interest of my boys... and just be thankful they are READING!

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