Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back to school Prep

I don't know about you... but
we start school

Is that crazy?-

So I have been trying to wrap my brain around... what our fall schedule will look like.
Who is going where.. when do they need to be there...
Who is doing what sport... which activities... and how is everyone getting where they are going?

I know
it's a common phenomena.

Something I am excited to start are
BENTO Lunches- for the kids school lunches.

I ordered this cute Panda for my youngest.. (he loves Kung Fu panda).
(you can click on image- to order your own.)

My 6th grader was not sure about Bento lunches... but we did some browsing... and after seeing the amazing lunches on the Internet... he was in.
Below is the box he picked out on amazon... (there is a chopstick holder on the lid!)

I went to a dollar store and bought my third son his... and a few bento "tools" to help me along.

He wants to help prepare them! He's my more artistic one.. and he likes food.

I suspect... there will be some disappointment.. in our ACTUAL bento lunches...that they aren't as adorable as the ones on the Internet...
But I want our Bentos to actually be their lunch.
So tasty is #1 priority
"Cool" is a bonus.. if it is something they will eat... but not a MUST.
Two lumps of rice... I think would go uneaten by my fellas...
one... maybe.
all that broccoli.... (no way)
then keep in mind... everything is served cold
cold rice...
cold corn...


At first I thought it would be impossible to please my children...
I thought... what is the "american" version to Bento? (the lunchable) Which is not adorable.. and the food isn't really that tasty. But it got me thinking... if I combine Bento Japanese food art + British Tea Time finger foods
............. there might really be hope for our family of picky eaters!

I mean... who doesn't enjoy "finger foods"?

Our "approved list" goes as follows: (this is just what I can remember off the top of my head.)
(I am thinking of making a menu... set meals... every monday is PB/Honey, every tuesday is a bagel or muffin with cream cheese, etc... then the sides will rotate with what is in season or in our pantry....)

Peanut Butter and honey or jelly sandwiches... (cut in circles and fun shapes with cookie cutters.)
tortilla roll sandwiches.... ( tortilla with lunch meat and cheese rolled and then cut)
Bagels and cream cheese
Muffins (banana bread with cream cheese)
musubi's... (kinda a hawaiian version of a california roll.)
pigs in a blanket... with ketchup to dip in... (my kids agreed to try it cold)
chicken nuggets ( again.. we are going to try it.. cold.)

Then sides include:
Fresh fruit sliced
Fresh berries in season
Trail Mix (nuts and dried fruits)
pretzels to dip in chocolate pudding (banana's are fun to dip too)
veggies to dip in ranch dressing
apple sauce
crackers and cheese
hard boiled eggs

if you have any ideas.. of lunch favorites in your family...
I am all ears!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Where did the summer go??!!

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