Friday, July 22, 2011

In the mood for a give-away??

My blog anniversary is coming up... and I am in the mood... for a blog give-away!
I am putting my thinking cap on....
and going to think of some fabulous prizes...
Get prepared..

I am thinking... the entries to win will be....
1 entry= join as a member/ follower to my site ( girl in a swirl )
1 entry = for posting on your blog about my entry

1 entry = join as a member / follower of my swirl sew simple site.
1 entry= post about swirl sew simple on your blog.... (different post from girl in a swirl entry

1 entry = join as a member/ follower of book club 4 boys site.
1 entry = blog about book club 4 boys (a separate post from the two above.)
1 entry = grab a button and proudly position on your blog side bar!

I am thinking ... at least 3 great prizes...
something celebrating... each blog site....

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