Monday, July 11, 2011

SUper SUmmer SALE!

Okay... we are having a Un-plugged summer... (I warned you about)... the reason I have been MIA.... but I was quickly checking my emails... (legal- every other day for an hour- cuz I am a MOM...) anyway... found this SALE at Shabby Apple!
such amazing steals... 20% off... and the practically perfect section... you can apply the sale code to also... so you might find one of their adorable dresses for around $40!

More Affordable!

I think one of the best things about being a girl... is the adorable clothes.
not having a little girl to pamper in my home.... I am afraid I am a sucker for a cute dress. (for myself.)

You should check Shabby Apple Sale Items out... especially if you have never been to their site-- most dresses are modest enough for moms... yet fun and fashionable enough for twenty-something olds.... (or teens.)

Okay... off my band wagon/soap box....
Just had to share.
After a week of camping at hukilau beach.... it was nice to jump in a warm shower (scrape off a layer of sea salt on my skin...) then slip into bed and browse their dresses... trying to forget sleeping with sand in my pants for a week.

Camping.. really was a blast. Our ward- camps every year at this beach. (that is to say, our church congregation) and they come up with the most fun activities...

Okay... I'll post more... later!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

thanks for the heads-up on the sale! I love there stuff.

Miss seeing you around, but I understand the need to unplug. I had hoped to do more of the unplugging bit this summer, but I find it very difficult to lesson plan for the year without my computer and searching the internet for books and such.

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