Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Sons First 100 words

My kindergartner came home with a list of 100 words he could read. The first 10... I couldn't even pronounce! I thought- what in the world?
THEN I saw his name among these words.. and realized these were names of students in his class.

I once joked to my husband that Polynesian names are so much more familiar to our children then names we grew up with... when our kids go back to the mainland they are going to say Caleb?? What kind of name is THAT?
What a strange name?


Kristina P. said...

Wow! These are some tricky names!

Anjeny said...

Cool words. I bet if you have him pronounce them for you, he would do a marvelous job without even blinking.

Ok, I had to ask...the play date you wanted to set up a day for next week...whose play date is it? Ours as in you and me or our kids? LOL Either way, you can pick the day...I don't have any major plans and since you're the one in school, you're the one who needs to consult your calendar..so lemme know ok?

Our RS birthday dinner is this Thursday so I have to make some favors...I have no problem making creative containers, I am however trying to come up with something more on the elegant side to put inside the containers...any ideas?

Ter said...


T said...

Even here on the mainland the names are getting stranger through the years... maybe not THAT interesting... but Ezikio, Kina, Toshi... your kids will not be TOO out of the swing of things... although we will all be jealous of their little tanned selves anyway!

Sarah said...

I think some of those names are quite beautiful. But are there really 100 kids in your son's class???

SWIRL said...

No- the first 25 were names of all the children then the rest of the words were... the days of the week, colors, numbers 1-10, and the last few were words like, hug, mug, rug, bug, pan, man, Dan, Nan, etc...

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha So true. My kids have said stuff like that.

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Becky said...

Too funny to think those are "normal" names!

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