Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back to school Prep

I don't know about you... but
we start school

Is that crazy?-

So I have been trying to wrap my brain around... what our fall schedule will look like.
Who is going where.. when do they need to be there...
Who is doing what sport... which activities... and how is everyone getting where they are going?

I know
it's a common phenomena.

Something I am excited to start are
BENTO Lunches- for the kids school lunches.

I ordered this cute Panda for my youngest.. (he loves Kung Fu panda).
(you can click on image- to order your own.)

My 6th grader was not sure about Bento lunches... but we did some browsing... and after seeing the amazing lunches on the Internet... he was in.
Below is the box he picked out on amazon... (there is a chopstick holder on the lid!)

I went to a dollar store and bought my third son his... and a few bento "tools" to help me along.

He wants to help prepare them! He's my more artistic one.. and he likes food.

I suspect... there will be some disappointment.. in our ACTUAL bento lunches...that they aren't as adorable as the ones on the Internet...
But I want our Bentos to actually be their lunch.
So tasty is #1 priority
"Cool" is a bonus.. if it is something they will eat... but not a MUST.
Two lumps of rice... I think would go uneaten by my fellas...
one... maybe.
all that broccoli.... (no way)
then keep in mind... everything is served cold
cold rice...
cold corn...


At first I thought it would be impossible to please my children...
I thought... what is the "american" version to Bento? (the lunchable) Which is not adorable.. and the food isn't really that tasty. But it got me thinking... if I combine Bento Japanese food art + British Tea Time finger foods
............. there might really be hope for our family of picky eaters!

I mean... who doesn't enjoy "finger foods"?

Our "approved list" goes as follows: (this is just what I can remember off the top of my head.)
(I am thinking of making a menu... set meals... every monday is PB/Honey, every tuesday is a bagel or muffin with cream cheese, etc... then the sides will rotate with what is in season or in our pantry....)

Peanut Butter and honey or jelly sandwiches... (cut in circles and fun shapes with cookie cutters.)
tortilla roll sandwiches.... ( tortilla with lunch meat and cheese rolled and then cut)
Bagels and cream cheese
Muffins (banana bread with cream cheese)
musubi's... (kinda a hawaiian version of a california roll.)
pigs in a blanket... with ketchup to dip in... (my kids agreed to try it cold)
chicken nuggets ( again.. we are going to try it.. cold.)

Then sides include:
Fresh fruit sliced
Fresh berries in season
Trail Mix (nuts and dried fruits)
pretzels to dip in chocolate pudding (banana's are fun to dip too)
veggies to dip in ranch dressing
apple sauce
crackers and cheese
hard boiled eggs

if you have any ideas.. of lunch favorites in your family...
I am all ears!
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cutest dress shop on the web!

Dresses from Shabby Apple
You know about there sale.. by now... 20% off... everything!

Their dresses are adorable and interesting.. just the little details and fashionable...

and MODEST-- hello-- that is hard to find.

(My birthday is coming up-- if anyone is looking for gift ideas... only 300 more days to shop...) Anyone??

Friday, July 22, 2011

In the mood for a give-away??

My blog anniversary is coming up... and I am in the mood... for a blog give-away!
I am putting my thinking cap on....
and going to think of some fabulous prizes...
Get prepared..

I am thinking... the entries to win will be....
1 entry= join as a member/ follower to my site ( girl in a swirl )
1 entry = for posting on your blog about my entry

1 entry = join as a member / follower of my swirl sew simple site.
1 entry= post about swirl sew simple on your blog.... (different post from girl in a swirl entry

1 entry = join as a member/ follower of book club 4 boys site.
1 entry = blog about book club 4 boys (a separate post from the two above.)
1 entry = grab a button and proudly position on your blog side bar!

I am thinking ... at least 3 great prizes...
something celebrating... each blog site....

another.... Rainbow

As promised...
another rainbow.
this was the wee morning...

I was running the last leg of a Relay for Life event.

It had drizzled the entire hour. (I am happy to say I ran the entire hour) and after... I looked up to see this glorious bow in the sky.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why I adore living now and not in the Past...

This is one of the cute focks at Shabby Apple -- 20% off sale... it's called Aloha.

I adore Jane Austin...

This summer... since I've been "un-plugged" I have had more time to read!

So lovely!

Strange... how much I love my computer and TV and miss the internet... yet....
I appreciate how they distract me from my daily grind and household chores... but... they also rob me of the luxury of relaxing to read.... (because in the corner of my eye... I see that mound of laundry on my couch.... or dishes left in the living room... or the piles of things-- not put away.... )

Since being unplugged.... I find myself... tackling those mounds and piles... and then

with a smile of satisfation... curl up with a good book, a really really good book.. and just relax and undwind....

I can enjoy all the luxuries that Jane's characters enjoyed being "upper class" (tasty foods, cute clothing, time to relax and read, sew, practice piano, social parties etc...) with all the comforts of modern convienences...
fans (no AC here in hawaii), showers, indoor plumming, washing machines, dishwashers (normally... but mine has been broken for 3 weeks!), but you get the idea.

I sometimes envy the "simple" life.... life before all this technology and fast paced living.... but I appreciate all the advances in medicine... and perks that come along with technology too... (all the FREE information on the internet... have a question? google it and you've got 200 plus entries about that topic...)

this summer I've learned...
I complicate my life.
My life can be slow and simple... (with the perks of technology)
I am the master of my life, my time...
what i do
what i read
how I spend my time
the things I consume---- not just food, but media and music...

I had just gotten lazy.
Hopefully... I'll continue on with my goal and be more aware... more cautious and calculated in how I use technology... and not "amuse myself to death"... get drawn in... and waste my life away (plugged in)... instead of living.

summer fun

So ... summer is winding down for us... and we are getting ready for back to school.

Back to a routine...

This morning... my youngest wanted to "shave" with dad. It was so cute- my husband slathering the shaving creme on his face...

I grabbed a Popsicle stick (from a craft box) as his "razor"... and then ran to get my camera... but as you can see... they were almost done, by the time I got back.

I love watching my boys... following the lead of their dad.

They are such "little men"

Even in little steps... like wanting to "shave"... I am excited they want to follow his example.

I'm starting to get back to school blues... my husband who works every day... doesn't have that... deep sense of loss.

No more- kids running the neighborhood in and out of houses

no more long days at the beach, or short beach trips

no more lazy day picnics and reading under shade trees....

hey! I don't think I am ready for all the bustle and hustle yet!
Good thing I have a few weeks... of vacation left... and a few days before hockey starts up again.

I hold my glass of lemonade up---and say, "Cheers for the last few weeks of summer... here's to making the most of them!"

Friday, July 15, 2011

Top 5 favorite Shabby Apple items!

#5 Favorite item from Shabby Apple....
I love this big blossom at the bust... I keep coming back to this dress... every few months... tempted to take the plunge and buy a dress from Shabby Apple.

so hard to choose just 5 items ... but

I felt i had to be selective... so on with the count-down....

#4 favorite item at Shabby Apple----

Red fox (this dress in red) or Grey Fox.
i like the scallop detail of the full skirt... cute, cute cute!

#3 Bon Voyage! I like Navy Blue... my natural hair color is close to this models hair color... so navy Blue looks good on me... and I love the pleat detail on the trim of the skirt.

(not that you can see it in this mini-me picture... but it is adorable as well.

#2 This red frock- called the new Caledonia (sorry the pictures are smaller than a postage stamp! click the link to see a better picture.)

This dress is a wrinkle -free... slip over your head... feel like your in your pajamas.. but look FABULOUS...while comfy.

So... sale.. sale ... sale...

temptation.. temptation... temptation...

if I had ANY reason/event coming up within the next year... i would justify a splurge on a new dress....

a high school reunion...

a wedding..

a vacation...

a pot luck

a trip...

an anniversary...

a birthday....

a school function....


but as it is...

we are having a quiet year...

(last year being our zany and crazy year of 50th Wedding Anniversary for my in-laws, three trips to the mainland... big 15th Wedding anniversary celebrated....20th High School reunion etc.. etc...)

But don't let my

quiet year... spoil your fun on splurging... if you do buy one.. post and tell me how fabulous it is~

# 1 Lost at Sea skirt
I am a big fan of a-line skirts

and I love the lines on this- so unexpected!

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