Thursday, April 9, 2009

Family Fun Box

I live thousands of miles away from my family. It is challenging to keep in-touch. We do our best... with phone calls, emails, face book, etc.. but still it is hard to really get to know cousins.

My sister had a wonderful idea this past Christmas- instead of exchanging presents, we would create a "family box". She proposed that each family gather items that they enjoy.Things that are "typical" us, our favorite game, our favorite snack, a movie we enjoy, etc...

Then we would mail our family box to a sibling. ( She made a rotation. ) So each family will have a turn with each others family boxes.

Here we are opening my older brother's family box. (Thanks Koryn! I know you actually did all the work!)

There was candy, a movie, pictures taken by their 5 year old- very funny And a fun game to play as a family.

It was so much fun! It was nice being introduced to a new family game, eat a treat and look at pictures of our cousins. We just popped open the box and no preparation was needed- a mini family reunion!

(The snacks for all the families are included in the box- so I don't have to run out and replace supplies. For example- the candy was in a baggy with our family name on it)

The first box we received was my sister's box. Their favorite family game is called, "Ghost Hunters" and it is hide and seek with flashlights.. my kids LOVED this twist. She included Swedish fish ( a staple in her house), and a movie their family enjoys, along with a "journal" type book that explained items in her box- with pictures.


A friend of mine sent me a "flat Stanley" and I took it to the Polynesian Cultural Center to get it's picture with a hunk.

It was so funny- I thought I was going to have to explain the whole concept to these Polynesian college students.. why I didn't really want to PAY to get in.. I just wanted to slip in past the gates and get a picture with the guys ... I held up my flat Stanley to start my story and they said "FLAT STANLEY- yeah! Come here-- he's been here before!)

PPS- still trying to find my camera!! these photo's are from my mom's camera....
boo hoo...
I might have really lost it! (not just misplaced it around my house or car....)


Kristina P. said...

That sounds like a really fun idea! Packages are always fun to get.

Amanda said...

I have ours ready to go to you...however, my mail person (read: your mother) doesn't seem to be around these days and I can't manage post with my kids in tow LOL

T said...

ack! sorry the camera is still missing - that's WAY too stressy... so far mine keeps showing up (even after weeks missing) but I think it's time to engrave it with my phone number!!!

I love the package idea - I might need to steal it to send to our New Jersey fam!

Emily said...

Love Flat Stanley at the PCC!

SWIRL said...

I thought it was funny they had taken pictures with him before!

Sandra said...

Lauren is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE the flat stanley at the PCC. She's going to have the best one there. Thanks a ton!!!!!! How fun.

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