Saturday, April 11, 2009

Relaxing Hawaiian Retreat

So my mom has been here a month. She has been living the life of luxury here in Hawaii.

(these are pictures from her camera... boo.. hoo... my camera is still MIA.)

It is interesting to raid someone else's camera... see what kinds of pictures they take... what is important to them.

I knew she had some things on her "Must Do List" while here in Hawaii.

#1 picture of a sea turtle

#2. picture of a rainbow- we've had plenty of rainy days to fulfill this request.

#3 See the boys doing what they love.....

I don't think she was prepared to see the boys play hockey 6 days a week though.

#4 Bonding moments and making memories with grand kids

Here she is warming up with son #4..

Unplanned but pleasant Surprises to her trip....

#1 Falling in Love with Princess.
She really is the sweetest dog , we've never owned.

(She a local stray that has kinda adopted us and a few other families in the community. She's like the Tramp in the movie Lady and the Tramp- she eats at multiple homes.)

#2 Helping with home improvements! She didn't know she would be stripping my floors and painting walls! I try to down play that part about staying with us.
We have a To Do list posted in the guest bedroom.
We let our house guests pick jobs to do while they are here.

I find it makes them feel less home sick and more apart of our family life. (bah!)
It was funny- my mother actually volunteered to take my curtains down and wash them.
But I've been wanting to paint for a while and figured..if the curtains were down....
then it would be a perfect day to paint.
So by 9:30 am I had gone to our local ACE and bought the paint- had all the kids helping out and a few neighborhood kids. We only painted the eating area.. but I love the splash of color. It's bold and bright.
(Martha was my role model for that one- she painted
the inside of her whole house last spring break- and ALL the neighborhood kids were in there painting! My 5 year old was outside painting closet doors... and a little bit of their wall. It was CRAZY- but turned out well.)
Looking forward to all our summer guests....


Emily said...

Love how mom is painting in a white tshirt! I think keeping a to do list in the guest bedroom is a funny idea. I always have a list for my father in law when he comes, too. He likes to keep busy, so he may as well fix stuff for me (otherwise he makes up projects- which is good too!)


Anjeny said...

What a great idea!! You think I should make a list for my MIL whose coming the end of May? We're not sure yet but the FIL might be coming too...oh it's going to be real interesting to see these two divorced people under the same roof.

So whaddya got planned for your dad? I am sooo coming to help him...eheheh. Your mom looked so cute...did she get any paint on her white t-shirt? lol

The Schoolhouse @ Deer Run said...

Thanks for stopping by. I see you are a runner too! I'm loving it & like to run 3 miles @ a time now. Pushing for a 10k by next year though. Nice to meet you : )

lilia said...

Love painting ok wait love the finished the product maybe not the process but it is ALWAYS so worth it! happy Easter! Lilia

Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

I love your blog! It's so easy to read! Ok, you have to tell me about this door next to your mom- are those blinds? I'm baffled. I've never seen anything like this- I must know!

lilia said...

started family fitness challenge tonight for FHE. thanks for the inspiration!

SWIRL said...

Stephanie- our house is made out of cinderblock.. and the windows are leaver windows?? (slatted- individual pieces of glass that each open up.)

and just a sliding glass door on the other side of my mom...
It's pretty typical of townhouses here in Hawaii..

Becky said...

Love that color blue.

A friend and I have organized a book club 4 boys for the summer and picked books from your website. But we have been overwhelmed with interest from other boys/moms in the ward. I have said yes to 12 (despite your advice to only do as many as will fit around the table)! I have sworn to say no to all others, but now I am worried. Will this be too crazy?

Ginger said...

Ah, Hawaii . . . I am more jealous than I can say, sitting here, freezing my butt off in Chicago;)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh, I finally am looking at your lovely room. I like the color. Did you get your curtains up?

Are you missing your mom? Have you been sad? Today she's been gone one week. sniff.

And did you seriously think I picked Arby's or are you just lying to get back at me? You know deep down that you picked it, right? I came clean about you not stealing Kute Kasey and bossing me around with the swirly cupcakes so I hope you come clean on the Arbys.

I'm counting on you. You can do it. ;) I always eat at abargios when I go to Kaneohe. ;)

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