Sunday, January 24, 2010

Typical 4 Year Old birthday

So my baby isn't a baby any more

We celebrated his 4th birthday!

This was his first friend party. I planned it short and sweet.
(One Hour)

My friends teased...

"Oh it's a drive by.. drop a gift off and pick up a cupcake kind of party."


Actually- that would have been EVEN BETTER! We could have set up a Mc Donalds type "Drive Thru Window" and he could take the present and then given out the goodie bags and cupcakes.

(Mc Donalds is his FAVORITE restaurant right now because of the chipmunk toys inside the happy meals. ) Chipmunks are his FAVORITE movie! (Be it the first or the Squeekwal.)

(We've moved on from Kung fu Panda and before that.. it was Cars...)

I had planned playing at the park and a pinata...

but naturally it was raining for the one hour our party was planned.

SO we had balloon fun inside first.

And then he remembered he was turning 4

And you shouldn't have too much fun at your own birthday party.

And what is a party without the birthday boy
tantruming for a good half hour?
He ran upstairs-- yelling down, "LEAVE ME ALONE! I NEED A TIME OUT!"
So we went on with our Party plans and next decorated cupcakes.

This is one of my more brilliant ideas.
Why decorate the cupcakes in advance? Decorating cupcakes is half the fun of eating a cupcake! All the sprinkles and decorations etc...
So I just passed out paper plates with a dollop of frosting and they passed around the sprinkles and candy to decorate their own.
I couldn't get my son to come downstairs... so we just started singing Happy Birthday without him.
It was too funny! He came tearing down the stairs by the end of our song--
There was NO WAY he was going to miss blowing out the candles!

And here he is..
happy again...
He must have realized "oh yeah! It's Happy Birthday to me... not have a screaming tantrum fit- of a birthday..."

We jimmy-rigged the Pinata in our garage...
Took a million turns at whacking it- until we gave up and just had the kids pull the legs off Optimus Prime... so all the candy could fall out.
Put the candy in the goodie bags and ...
before I knew it
His first birthday party was over.


look at those dimples! He knows how to melt my heart.

Happy Birthday!


Amanda said...

WOW!! You're an awesome mom...I could never endure that. We have family only parties, I refuse to have friend birthday parties. I kow my limits and figure why should I push them :)

Happy birthday, Heath!!!

He is adorable!!! Hard to believe he's 4..Isabel is just 2 weeks away from 4. Man, it goes fast.

SWIRL said...

We should have an "unbirthday" party this summer! Aunt Emily's mother-in-law had some cute ideas of activities when cousins get together... Once we went Trick-or-Treating in August...

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hashahahahaha I had forgotten how little kids stress out at their own parties. I love the image of him telling everyone he needs a time out. hahahah What a cute photo of him at the end. It's sad he's growing up. ;( And I'm not there to see it.

I wrote you a letter. Hand written! Three pages. Wahoo! I hope I can actually get around to mailing it.

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