Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Un-Plugged Summer

So Summer Break is here!

I challenged my family to Un-Plug this summer.
Meaning, no tv
no xbox
no movies
no video games
no computer games
no games on our phones

So I put up a poster with a $50 dollar bill . The person who goes the longest "un-plugged" wins the $50!

now.... there are exceptions... my husband works on the computer, and so do I. But I have drastically reduced my hours on the computer... doing much of the leg work... the old fashion hand & paper method.. instead of writing with the computer key board.

I check my email every three days or so.. and I only get an hour. So... blogging is going to be sparce... but will be well worth it!

Other exceptions are... if we want to watch a movie as a family... that is legal.


gotsta run!

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