Wednesday, July 20, 2011

summer fun

So ... summer is winding down for us... and we are getting ready for back to school.

Back to a routine...

This morning... my youngest wanted to "shave" with dad. It was so cute- my husband slathering the shaving creme on his face...

I grabbed a Popsicle stick (from a craft box) as his "razor"... and then ran to get my camera... but as you can see... they were almost done, by the time I got back.

I love watching my boys... following the lead of their dad.

They are such "little men"

Even in little steps... like wanting to "shave"... I am excited they want to follow his example.

I'm starting to get back to school blues... my husband who works every day... doesn't have that... deep sense of loss.

No more- kids running the neighborhood in and out of houses

no more long days at the beach, or short beach trips

no more lazy day picnics and reading under shade trees....

hey! I don't think I am ready for all the bustle and hustle yet!
Good thing I have a few weeks... of vacation left... and a few days before hockey starts up again.

I hold my glass of lemonade up---and say, "Cheers for the last few weeks of summer... here's to making the most of them!"

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