Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have four boys. I don't know if it is like this for other moms- but when I meet or even just hear of another mother with only boys, I feel an instant connection. There is an underlying understanding. Often unspoken. It's not that I think having all boys is harder or easier, more fun or more challenging... it's just... a unique experience.

In actuality- when we were trying for baby 4. A BIG part of me wanted a girl... but there was the quiet part of me that secretly hoped it would be a boy. Because if it were a boy- I can do boys. I have boys. We have all boy things. No need to buy new toys, new clothes, no change to our routine. Boy 4 would just fall into step with older brothers.

I don't want you to think I lump all my boys together. They are each different and have their own personalities, talents and interests but they also have lots of commonalities. Amid the wrestling, hockey, dinosaurs/sharks/dog collection and boogie boarding I have...
one son who likes to cook. (I count baking cookies and brownies).
one who is SUPER RESPONSIBLE, and takes everything very seriously.
another who takes nothing serious.
three very social boys
one who would rather play and by himself
one organizer
one who can't keep track of his shoes, toothbrush or even underwear for that matter!
one GREAT eater- who will eat anything placed on his plate.. or on other people's plates
one who wont eat ANYTHING-
one who will eat his salad first
one who will eat everything BUT his salad
two sons who will always give me a kiss goodbye
one who prefers to give Hi-fives
and one who would rather not be seen with me at all ;O)
I have one who LOVE to music and dancing
one who loves to pick his nose
one who resists doing homework - everyday
one who just hates math
one who just hates spelling
all four LOVE to play play-station
one who absolutely loves dogs
and one who has his own blog!

Well- I just wanted to introduce myself a little. I have had a website and blog with a different host. My website: http://www.bookclub4boys.com/ has been up and running for a little over a year. I host a book club for my sons- to help encourage them to read nightly for homework. They hate reading. I think they hate sitting still, so I think it makes reading even more challenging. :0) I've been hosting book clubs for almost 5 years now. So you can imagine, I have a few ideas and outlines for different books, different age groups and reading levels. If you have a child who struggles to read- I invite you to check out my site.
But that is where I share my outlines but I needed a space to share my other mom ideas.


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