Friday, February 20, 2009

Introducing ...Oreo and Black Jack

So we got 2 guinea pigs on Wednesday.
Son #3 named this one Black Jack. (no he's not black... we are still wondering where the inspiration came from.. ?)

and this brown and white one- named Oreo.

My kids favorite cookies are Oreo's so.. that is fitting we have a pet named Oreo.

Son#4 loves.. loves... LOVES.. the guinea pigs and loves them a little too.. much.

He wants to hold them 24/7 and he starts off real soft... petting, stroking, petting... then it gets a little harder... patting and petting and stroking..
then squeezing and patting and poking...
(reminds me of a scene in the movie: Tommy Boy.)

So it's torture for the guinea pig when he holds them for too long.. and torture for HIM when he's not.
I know in the picture they look like big rats... ( trust me I know RATS) but their personalities are more like kittens- except not frisky. They are real snuggly and when you pet them they make these happy sounds... it's not a purr.. but a kind of hum... and these two are 6 weeks old and have been handled alot- so they don't bite like some guinea pigs. ( we babysat one a few months ago.. and if you were holding it sitting down.. you were fine.. but if you stood up.. it would bite us. )

So- overall our happiness level is a 100% .. but we haven't had to clean the cage yet.. so we'll see ... I'll report back in a few weeks and let you know.


Kristina P. said...

How fun!

We just had dogs. And they always ran away or got hit by a car.

Emily said...

I just remember Al's guinea pig and having it sleep in the room next to mine and I could hear it all night long "oink oinkoink oink oinkoink"

Didn't he dye it some color? Pink?

Those look like fun, though!

The word verifier says 'sqtku' like Squeakachu/Pikachu. Pika! Squeaka! Totally fitting for a post on guinea pigs!

SWIRL said...

I know- I was hoping one would be cream color so we could name him pikachu! the kids have cycled back into pokemon...

T said...

ah... Son #3 is back into Pokemon too... good thing we didn't toss out all those cards! (the toys, bedsheets and movies are history though - oops!)

I had a guinea pig as a child... and dogs and cats... sometimes I think I'm depriving my children by being anti-pet... and then I remember the cost of daily allergy treatments for eldest and I... and let the others play with the neighbors dogs...

The word verifier says Loggin... what, I've been absent so much lately it doesn't recognize me?

April said...

hahaha!! I love that #4 is not happy because his "petting" privileges have been revoked, and I LOVE the reference to Tommy Boy!!!

Amanda said...

more guinea pigs...will you have quarantine issues if you come back to the mainland? Or is this a sign that you've really settled in? :)

I heard all about Al's guinea pig and Emily was right, it was pink...a pink mohawk by Al's memory.

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