Monday, February 23, 2009

Tagged- 6x6x6

Anjeny tagged me in some crazy chain... where you goto your photo file and count the 6th file... then find the 6th picture ... describe it... then tag 6 friends....

I'll admit- I was curious- so I played along.

the file was labelled "April-May" so WAY before I started blogging.. when I could actually have a file that held two months worth of pictures. (I take WAY more pictures now that I blog... )

Just being sandwiched by my boys. I honestly don't remember this picture being taken.

Thanks Anjeny- that was fun... now to tag 6 people.

Sarah- because I can't get enough of her amazing ART... sewing or drawing..
Crash- cuz she believes in the super-star in all of us.
Emily- because I need to see more pictures of my nieces and nephews..
T- this might help with her search for humor in the universe....
Kristina P- I hope she is wearing a snuggy
Martha- I will be in shock if it is anything but a sporting activity of her kids..


T said...

I was just going to mention that I did your tag... but your word verifier is swearing at me... or maybe bishfut doesn't sound as bad the more I say it?

Kristina P. said...

I don't normally do tags, but I may actually do this one.

Emily said...

Alright, I did it. But I don't think I have 6people that read my blog

Word verifier says pingwoo- what the heck is a pingwoo?

Martha said...

My 6th photo in the 6th file is a picture of Rach. Now that is not unusual because there are hundreds of pictures of her that she takes herself.

So do I have to post it on my blog? You know I only post like 4 times a year.

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