Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday Fun

What a lazy Saturday- at least it felt that way. (We actually had hockey practice at 9:30 am and 5pm so ... we split the trips.) My husband took the boys to the beach in the morning... while I went to hockey... then in the evening I stayed behind and we had some water fun.... while my husband drove the hockey boy to his night practice.
Aren't sprinklers are the best!? I just love watching kids run through sprinklers. Those are some of my favorite personal childhood memories and memories of my children.

Earlier my son 3 was being SUCH a SWEET big brother! He was having such fun pushing son 4 on the swing- I ran back inside to get the camera.
When I came out to take pictures... I realized why he was laughing so hard...
He would *fart* every time he sent his brother off....
boys-boys-boys! Who are this childs parents?? Do they live in a barn or something?
Where does he learn his manners?

Then this last picture of my son 4 I thought so cute.. he put these flowers behind his ears. It reminds me of shrek... for some reason... anyway- it was a fun day.

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Sarah said...

That last picture just cracks me up. I love his expression!

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