Sunday, August 16, 2009

Crashing CRASH's Party and sHARKS!

If you want to read CRASH's going away party story and her get rick quick scheme- you can visit her blog here.

I am going to miss her TONS- as she leaves the island tonight!!!! We are all bawling our eyes out-- as the minutes count down. ( I am avoiding. I hate saying goodbye.)

Here's a picture of my family (mom, gma, great-aunt and sis) crashed her going away lunch-- on our way to the SHARK encounter.

Here I am entering the shark cage.

THere really was sharks in the water!

Here's a picture of me and Ros... ( my grandma- but we don't call her that. She way too young to be a GREAT grandma.)
But I just had to laugh- she wanted to do the SHArk Encounter and my sister and I were a bit unsure-- I mean--- don't most people bond with their gma's by looking at scrapbooks? learning how to bake bread? bake pies?

Or does everyone have an extreme gma- who likes to swim with sharks? Maybe I'm too old fashioned.


Amanda said...

Those pictures are awesome!!! Nothing beats Ros...what an amazing person. I, too, wonder if I'm too old fashioned for her :)

I'm so excited you guys are having such fun. Keep the pictures coming.

April said...

You are soooo lucky to have a grandma like her! Scrapbooks can wait!

BTW...sorry you are losing Crash to Utah...we will take good care of her.

T said...

I love that you have a rockin' Grandma! SO cool!

I'll second April's comments - we'll take good care of her (well, as long as she drives down south once in awhile...) sorry for your loss though!

Anjeny said...

Hey, I thought it was you who dragged your gma to the sharks...hmmmm, way to owning up to Well, I guess since there's a post written on here, you didn't turn into shark bait then? LOL

You should read my post I wrote about the lunch and you ditching us for the sharks...sheeesh.

And yes, you grandma ROCKS!! Who wants to look scrapbooks when there are sharks to swim with eh? LOL

And I'm sad that Crash is gone, those darn Utards, why do they have to snatch her up like that? April and T, I know you guys will take very good care of Crash, but I'm still not happy with you guys for taking her to begin with...ahahah!

Anjeny said...

Oh BTW...I saw Brian last night at the Open House...I'm guessing you're still playing tourist then. Are you going to the Laie Elem Open House today?

Tell Em to let go of your shorts already...she can let you out of her sight for a little bit, no? She's hogging you too much...ahahah, kidding Em!!

Sarah said...

You have an awesome grandma!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh how cool your grandma is. That is so freaky to see those sharks so close.

I can't believe I'm just barely seeing this now. That was such a sad night.

It was awesome to talk to you on Sunday. Thanks for calling.

I miss you guys! It's so quiet around here today. I'm kinda lonely.

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