Monday, September 14, 2009

Boy- OH- Boy-- Soccer!

So as you probably know-- we are a hockey family.
I drive insaine distances on a daily basis to get my kids to HOCKEY .. here in Hawaii.
{yes.. hockey can be found .. even in hawaii if you are willing to drive.}
So naturally- we have one son who would like to play soccer and basket ball. He thinks he stinks at Hockey.
It's your classic 3rd child syndrome- I am sure.
He is always comparing himself to his two older brothers and so he doesn't feel like he measures up... never mind that he is 3-6 years YOUNGER than them!
He is actually really good at hockey-- skating circles around his peers.. so naturally the league won't let him play with his peers.. he plays with older boys.
Anyway-- juggling soccer and hockey is a trick. But just look at the joy on his face!
(I think he likes playing with kids his own age.)

Our youngest.. gets a bit tired of being toted around to brothers games. He can't wait until it is HIS turn to play---> enough already of watching!
And then this last picture is just for CRASH and her fan club. She use to take pictures of all the famous people you bump into while at soccer games.
I don't usually bug or bother the rich & famous but Natasha (Soccer gold Olympian) parked herself right next to my blanket! Her nephew was playing on the other team. I guess I was sitting on the wrong side of the field..
I am all about comfort people... I found a semi shady spot to spread my blanket and that is where I planted myself.
She was very nice and not at all "in -my- face" for cheering for the opposing team...
I love, in general, the family feel of living in a small town-- although I don't know everyone.. the people born and raised here do. Everyone is laughing and joking and heckling the ref and each other. It's nice.
I understand now why my mom hated to watch our athletic events growing up.
I hate it when the feeling in the air is SO COMPETITIVE and we are watching 6 year olds play a game!!!
All I can say is-- even for a Polynesian-- she's got alot of TAT's ...
I mean- historically/culturally tattoos were important. In some Polynesian cultures that was how they preserved their genealogy and the stories of significant events. In one culture-- the oldest boy would have his ENTIRE body tattooed with this important information to keep it preserved from one generation to the next. (Those of you who are genealogy buffs should admire the length they go to to preserve this information... )
Some of Natasha's tat's are names... a motto/mantra type saying...
I personally wouldn't like people taking the time to " read my body" .. I kinda sorta hate t-shirts that have alot of words on them.. because I don't like people "reading" my chest. (No matter how much I try to promote reading.. )
I've been reading all weekend and have a few books to post about.
Hope everyone is doing well.


Sandi said...

hahahaha at those t-shirts promoting reading...too funny! Glad to see you are taking off where Crash left off on the famous people sightings!

April said...

Wow! She has a sleeve! I would be embarrassed to sit there and read it. that's what they are doing when they are staring at my chest! Nice to know!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Heeeyy, that made me miss things so BAD! Thanks a lot! I love sitting at soccer games at reading Tasha's tats!

I love that small town feel too and how everyone is always laughing and joking around. I totally miss that. Our movers were Tongans and they took a break (after an hour and a half) and sat around for an hour talking and laughing with each other. Usually this street is dead quiet. It's was FUN!

T said...

I think I'm glad I can just do my family group sheet and call it good at that - much less painful :)

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