Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May DAY!

Here are my boys- in their May Day costumes.

My fourth son enjoyed running around the stage-- performing the LIMBO and the Mexican Hat Dance.

Then I don't know what it is about my third son.
People look at him.. ... and just envision muscles.
He does have the heart and attitude of a warrior.
His class performed the New Zealand Haka

My second son-- strutted his stuff... performing
Rag Time to represent United States.

How dapper he looks in a hat- what a stud!

What a fun performance.
It is always great to see the community out supporting
the kids.
Always amazing to see the costumes
and dances the parent helpers come up with!
Like I've always said- we live in an amazing community.

I know you friends and family are ASTOUNDED I got these pictures posted so fast!
Neither my camera, nor my computer gave me any trouble! It's a miracle!


T said...

okay - you're amazing... I'm still working on loading last weekend's pictures... of course I spent a good portion of today fighting with my computer over loading a simple video...

and maybe screaming just a tiny bit!

Emily said...

Lookin good, boys! Where's the oldest? Too cool for costumes?

SWIRL said...

This was the elementary school May Day--- my oldest is in Middle school! {gasp!} Growing up too fast.
theirs May Day performance is today- but I guess.. you sign up if you want to be in it-- and it is not a whole school production.
(THEN parents get to pay and see it at night. My son- didnt sign up to be in it... we are thick into hockey right now... tournament next no time to practice dancing...)

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