Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Can I hear a "Whoot Whoot!" ?
My three oldest boys just finished their hockey tournament.
all that hard work
came together....
and most importantly---
I survived.

My third son played up an age group and competed on my second sons team... He was sooooo adorable! Half the size of some of the players... he would skate right at the other team members and try to take the puck from them.

He did a great job- holding his own.

My second son- goalie- had a SHUT-OUT and was given Most Awesomest Over All Goal Tender Award. or something like that... he had the best stats of shots blocked/goals saved.

My oldest scored the game winning goal in two games.
The final game score was 1: 0.

What will I do for the next week with no practice?
(5 extra hours 4 days a week?)

Possibilities endless.....


Amanda said...

Congratulations, boys! You are all awesome!

I can't wait until you come visit this summer. If you have pokemon games, I'd be glad to play with you.


T said...

that's a LOT of extra time on your hands suddenly - I'm voting for more reading... or blogging... or card making... okay, so you might have to pick just one of those at a time :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY! Congratulations! To you AND them. That is so exciting.

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