Thursday, August 12, 2010

Homework Blues....

It's only August and we are already back to school... my kids are suffering a little from the "homework blues".

I can tell because besides the usual side effects my kids have added an extra
complaint to homework...

"He's looking at me!"

"Stop Looking at me! "

and " He's started it!"

I didn't know how distracting that could be ... when trying to write spelling words or while working on a math sheet... but the gaze of a brother has some kind of drilling effect that burrows into the brain and causes all kinds of confusion... so to keep the peace and my sanity.. I made some dividers out of file folders.

I simply snipped off the tabs of one folder... and glued two together to get a nice tri-fold.

I even added pockets that can hold weekly spelling lists... or flash cards of multiplication facts...

Honestly- it has worked out nicely.

It's still new... so we'll see if it is a long term solution...

but for this week... it has helped.

And lets face it- I am working day-by-day.

Onto some electronically and more exciting news.... I did it.
I broke down and bought a KINDLE...
I've been wanting one for a few years now.. but had many excuses NOT to buy one. {financial being the biggest draw back...}
And some sentimental reservations:
I like books.
I like to hold books.
Touch books.
See books.
Could this handheld device really replace that? {I mean- what would I stack on my shelves and in drawers and cabnets and on side tables from now on????}
But my oldest son is in an honors English class. The teacher has planned 5 required books this year and one pick-your-own book to report on. He is a little nervous. He's a good reader, but if it is not of high interest level... he is a s-l-o-w reader.
So I thought he might like to use a Kindle.
There are 2 features I am eager to explore.
1. The dictionary. If my son is unfamiliar with a word- all he has to do is touch the screen and a definition will pop up. I am hoping that will take some of the stress off of reading harder books.
2. The Read-aloud function. I am hoping if he is frustrated and feels slow... he can use this function and follow along. {I think it is very robotic- the voice. But it might just be what he needs to plow through difficult passages....}
I dunno.
We'll see...
But I will For SURE let you know my findings!
I have been very curious about how helpful a Kindle will be for reluctant readers... if it is a medium that they {reluctant readers} might embrace?
Because in addition to the 2 features above... another barrier for RR (reluctant readers) is the SIZE of the book... "The book is too big or too long...." and with Kindle.. you can't see that.


T said...

I hadn't considered using the teens' honors english class as another reason I need a Kindle (man, if they were just a tad bit less pricy I wouldn't hesitate so much!)

I might have to try those folders... so far only one has had homework, but it's bound to be all five by weeks end.

SWIRL said...

I know- it took a little to sell the idea on my husband.

Luckily he didn't need the $200 fancy Calculator this year in Math... {next year so I hear..}

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