Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My clever son

A week or so ago my two oldest sons went to the movies with their friends and watched Toy Story 3. Son #3 was sad he couldn't go... but without an adult going... I told him he couldn't tag along.
Then a few days ago the boys wanted to go to the theater again and see Karate Kid, this time as a family and parents paying...
We told them we want to save our money for our upcoming family trip.

All the boys were a little disappointed- but didn't put up too big a fuss. They are too excited to goto Mainland and visit the cousins and grandparents.

But last night- my son #3 approached me so sweetly and asked, "Mom, can you and I go on a date? Just the two of us?"

I was so flattered - I quickly agreed and asked "So, what are we going to do... on our date?"
Can you guess?
He suggested we go see the movie Karate Kid. (And said for it to be a real date we should share popcorn and soda too.)

The other boys are a bit deflated that he gets to go to the movie-- but at the same time--- kicking themselves that they never thought of that!

I predict in the future, my date schedule is going to start filling up fast... my husband might have some competition... (tee heee)

My husband is going to stay home with the other boys tonight- while I have a one-on-one with son #3. I know he just wants to see the movie- but I thought he should be rewarded for his clever thinking.

Kids! What can you do when they start outsmarting you?


T said...

you can't say no to that cute face can you???

Amanda said...

OMG what a clever kid! I hope you have a lovely date :)

And we're so excited about you coming, too!!! We're making plans, cleaning house and wondering how we'll fit everyone in LOL It'll feel like a month long slumber party

Christi said...

That is too cute. Definitely deserves to be rewarded! I hope you made him open your doors!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha That is awesome! So what did you think? Great movie, eh?

How weird! Your verifier says oventwin. ha ha Is it making an announcement? Do you have twin buns in the oven??

How sad that Martha is gone. Was it weird? Emotional? She says their stuff doesn't fit in the house. Poor things.

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