Saturday, October 9, 2010

Play of the Dawn Treader highlights

I've got to run---
but I wanted to post some pictures of our
Play in a Week
Production of
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
(a Narnia story)

My youngest was a "Sea Warrior"
(My husband was opposed to the term mermen.)

Second son-- one of Caspian's sailors

the only Sailor who didn't wear the right color pants.
(what a flaky mom! How did I NOT read the email I wrote and sent out... about costumes!?!?)

Another one of my youngest...
he practiced
all week-
and then
when it came down to performing... he had no interest!
(dang- stubborn 4 year olds!)

But he was the cutest Sea Warrior of all...

and then the last picture is of a friend of ours...

Anjeny's son..
He was Aslan.

He helped create his costume... that is just cut brown butcher paper/ brown paper bag.. type stuff..

more details to come..
like I said..
I gotsta run!

Oh- Oldest son was the head of a Sea Monster
and third son was a slave...

It was a fun- exhausting week.


T said...

amazed as always what you can pull off in a week :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

A play in a week? Is that the latest trend? Are you serious? WOW! How heelarious that you didn't read your own costume email that you wrote and sent out. ahahahahahah That made me laugh. Gosh, I miss you. I also laughed at your youngest's lack of interest in performing what he's practiced. I was thinking about May Day two years ago when he went running off the stage. I've got photographic evidence.

He looks so grown up.

The costumes look awesome. As does the scenery. No moms pitch it like Laie moms, that's for sure.

Did you hear that Stan died?

Emily said...

What a fun experience for your kiddos!

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