Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's never too late

Here is my adorable IRON MAN- Today he was saying he wanted to go Trick or Treating again.
I tried to explain- it was a ONCE a YEAR kind of treat.

Well- he and his friends went out to prove me wrong.
They came running back 10 min later... with candy...
"Mom we trick or treat again!"

Looks like-- if you are 4 you can trick or treat even into Nov!

I took this picture and then - noticed my living room floor.

I know- Last post I said I was a flybaby... and look
at this conflicting photographic evidence!

But this is the culprit-
why my floor is never clean.

I pick them up- and then he just dumps them back out.

They need to be out and about- you never know when you are going to want to make ships and such.

It's funny because after I clean them up...
he comes back in ...
and sighs a big frustration....
as if to say...
"who keeps putting these away! I always have to dump them out!"

Here is our pumpkin..
and his pumpkin face....

1 comment:

T said...

this cracks me up! I'd totally find him some candy if he showed up on my front step... I'm a sucker like that.

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