Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We're BACK!

Since the kids were gone Christmas vacation- and since
hockey hasn't started yet..
they wanted to invite a few friends over.

(well- actually I don't know if they invited them over or not... )

I just woke up Saturday morning with a house FULL of kids!

We had a XBOX kinect- Sports challenge/Pancake morning...

and then...
as quickly as they came...
I looked up
while washing dishes
they were GONE!

Onto another house no doubt....
trying to score another breakfast-- from a different mom.


Me said...

Ha, ha, that's hilarious! Such is life in the townhouses, huh? Or maybe just life in Laie since I have 3 times as many kids as my own at my house right now.

T said...

that's what makes you the cool mom on the block - you don't blink an eye and just start cooking.

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