Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Fun Saturday

When life hands you a hockey split-
of practice at 9:00 am and another at 5pm...
What do we do??
Waste down time at the beach!
Since practice is over an hour away- it's been a good excuse to visit beaches we don't normally visit.

Very fun.
I am starting to think about this summer -
we have lots of fun planned with family/company.
I am now thinking of how I can sneak- summer learning into the mix too.

Last year- we ( my neighbors & friends) organized some workshops that the kids could sign up for. It was really cool- as families organized classes that interested them. Some of the classes were:
The re-enactment of The Battle of Gettysburg: water fight
a watercolor class, an acting/play, a goal setting class, and tennis lessons.
This summer- I've been talking to parents and thinking about a townhouse newspaper project. I think it would be cool for the kids to be "reporters" ... They can interview new families moving in, have a sports section highlighting the latest kickball game, have a "Help Wanted" column where people can put odd jobs they are willing to pay for, a cartoon, cross word puzzle, polls, ..
community events- keeping track of concerts and such at the University- most importantly: when is the POOL open and game room.
Really whatever the kids are interested in. We'll see. We are tossing it around. What are you guys planning this summer?


Kristina P. said...

Well, I would say that I'm jealous, but I'm not because we get to play in the concrete parking lot with the potholes! So beat that!

T said...

I was TRYING to get a group of Moms together to do a DIY summer camp... but somehow nobody was as excited as I was??? Maybe that had something to do with my starting a little late in the game (2 weeks ago rather than 2 months ago) but I'm going to blame it on their being lame instead :)

I'll try again next year - for now we're just assigning an activity to the day of the week (Tuesday Treat Day - they get to help cook a new treat for the day) and hoping for the best!

Emily said...

When my husand was growing up they used to do 'popcicle parks'- get a box of popcicles and head off to visit a park they didn't visit before

What am I doing this summer? Planning to visit YOU!

The Haley Family said...

how fun! My SIL Sarah told me about you! You live in Hawaii right? So cool and your boys are adorable! Thanks for taking a looksie at my blog!

I noticed you 'follow' art-n-sewl. Emily is my cousin! Very cool!

Martha said...

Yeah, lets do the newspaper thing. See ya tomorrow at the party!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

oooh, that sounds fun. Wish we were going to be here to enjoy it! We'll come back as dumb as doorknobs.

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