Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas pics!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas!
I never knew I had so many creative neighbors!

Bradshaw family dropped by this pineapple-Santa- I thought he was too cool.
(I then cut him up- to serve at our Christmas Eve party.)

The Tuller family had their free car wash for neighbors. You can see pictures on their website here.

Then the Scotts family- dropped in on our Christmas Eve party for the BYUH students and brought a pkg of popcorn and a list of DVD/VHS tapes they have that we can borrow the up coming year.

( I thought that was a great idea- between all us families- we probably have a great pool of videos to share. We could all save $ on movie rentals. )

I've only been a Bishops wife for 6 months but I'm getting the hang of this entertaining bit.

luckily I made a TON of food thinking we would eat left overs Christmas day- it turned out to be just right.

We munched on Sweet n sour meatballs, rice
Blow-torch (7 layer dip) with chips
some other little finger foods- using puffed pastry and cheese/spinach
Decorated Christmas cookies- played Rock Band
Then sang Christmas carols- and read Luke 2

It was really fun having students spend Christmas Eve with us. They were all so funny and entertaining!

Rock band seems to be a good activity- that crosses multitudes of cultures.

(I don't know if you remember when we had some Chinese girls staying with us for a week- they LOVED rockin out!)

Hubby and I didn't craw into bed until 2 am- then to have the kids wake us at 6:30 it was rough.
We tried to stall them until 7:00- but my oldest reminded us that WE wake THEM up at 6:30 every morning for scriptures.....

it did seem a bit hypocritical... so we dragged our bones out of bed....

I got the most awful sweater from my mother & Sister.

This photo doesn't even come close to "capturing" it.

The pineapples are all sequenced.
the palm trees are free dangling across my chest-- and the details don't stop there!
There is a bigger pineapple on my back-- sequenced naturally.
And if you look closely you can see the palm tree on the sleeves too! Of course the palm trees have big beads for Coconuts on them...
IT is just plain AWFUL and obnoxious! I so wish I had opened it up to wear at our Christmas Eve party. I would have been the Bell at the Ball.


Sarah said...

Love the pineapple. And the sweater is gloriously kitsch. You'll have to hold a "bad sweater" party now!

Glad you guys had a great Christmas.

Brandi said...

Laura so glad you had a great Holiday,looks like fun had by all! still here and we may still be staying for a while! so hope to see you soon:)
Happy New Year

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