Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Derby Daze

Last night was our Pine Wood Derby/ Blue and Gold Banquet.

This is probably my favorite tradition in the cub scouts. I love to see the different cars.
I love the excitement.
This is also one of the few activities that all the parents try to attend- so it is fun socializing too.
Yesterday was CRAZY as I had to drive around the island to pick up belt-loop awards, then goodie bag awards then onto Cosco...

I made it home just in time to pick up boys then start on cooking for our pinewood derby potluck.

I made a 7 layer bean dip ... and brought 2 bags of chips
also 24 cupcakes and 16 Twinkies Derby Cars...

So simple... one Twinkies, 2 oreo's opened for wheels and then frosting numbers.
They were a big hit.
Now- onto some much needed CLEANING... with last weeks whirl wind.. biz plan competition and history day projects.. you can imagine the mounds of clothes, dishes, toys, everything was placed on the back burner last week... so I need to lace-up my shoes (flybaby style) and put some music on and get to it.
Bathrooms first... ugh....

OH- and if I have time.. cuz.. I have plenty of time on my hands.... I am going to try and upload my list of books that go along with Cub Scouting... on (Today or tomorrow.)


Emily said...

Those are darn cute!

T said...

WAY cute...

and really - when this bookfair insanity is over I'm going to review some new books too :)

Ter said...

I was just wondering what to blog about tomorrow and your post reminded me I have a few book reviews in my drafts... so book review it is. ;)

Martha said...

The cars were super cute and the whole night was fun. My hubby is a little perturbed because the winner used WD40 and that is not allowed. And you thought I was the one who was competitive.

Jami said...

Those are the cutest snacks ever!

And the boy is awfully cute too!

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