Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fitness Team

My kids asked if we could do FITNESS TEAMS during spring break.
Of course! ( I love it when it is their idea!)
If you would like to know how to start fitness teams of your own click {here}

To read a funny past fitness team story- how I trick my kids into drinking water and exercising click {here}.
So our teams are MAD SKILLS- son 1, son 2 and ME! yippee-vs- The SHARKS- son 3, dad , and grandma who is visiting.
Well keep track of our points all week and then next Monday- the winning team gets to pick our dessert for our family night.
Already- I've had one glass of water (1pt)
son 1 is outside roller blading for points,
son three is "playing tennis" against himself ( hitting a ball against our garage door- points for his team)
and grandma is lacing up her shoes to go for a walk
and it isn't quite 9 in the morning!


Emily said...

Love it! but the correct spelling is

MAD SKILZ, dawg!

You go, girls! And boys!

Anjeny said...

I love the even-ness of the teams now..LOL..you know, both teams having a girl on there. Good luck teams!!

This fitness teams of yours is really a great thing to do. When we did it, the kids got very competitive, I've never seen Chris eat so much green beans and Jen drinking so much water to catch up to Steph...lol.

I gotta admit, I love being in Steph's team, she was the one who scored more points with her paddling and drinking water all the time..lol. But shhh, don't tell Jen..eheh.

T said...

way to go... I need to incorporate this into our summer plans - because currently the kids are kicking my butt... that's not hard though because I'm probably at negative points after eating my awful pizza lunch!

Word Verifier says "progin" - but I'm going to disagree, I'm definitely anti gin...

Emily said...

I came to vote for you and the button is gone! Hope you won!

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