Monday, October 20, 2008

FHE Lesson

Family Fitness has begun! One and Three are team captains.
(I'm going to start refering to my children by birth order. My husband loves the blog- but is worried that strangers might use the information on our site to "befriend" our children in public. So in attempt to keep them annonymous- a little bit.)

I am on team: BLACK KNIGHTS (Me, son-One and son- Four), my husband is on the other team: RED DRAGONS (My husband, sons Two and Three).

How it works: The center page is our Points Page. It lists the point value of drinking water, eating a serving size of vegetables and points for excersising.

Our Point system:

1 pt for an 8 oz glass of water

3 pts for a serving size of vegetables, 2 pts for eating half a serving size and 1 pt for just eating a few bites.

Then a point for every minute of excersising. (20 min bike ride = 20 points.)

Team captains get to pick teams, name teams, design their point cards, and keep track of points for the week. They are responsible for motivating team members.

By the end of the week- we tally up points and the winning team gets to pick what dessert we enjoy at our next Family Home Evening. Some times I add a suprise "Food Challenge" where I introduce something new to the family and they get extra points for trying... Sometimes it's a fitness challenge. (my boys are really into push-up contests.)

For Family Home Evening- son-One was incharge of the lesson. All the kids came home from school with an assignment to do a fire drill at home.. for homework, so that is what we did. I love it when my kids teach the lesson- it's always a suprise!



The Crash Test Dummy said...

You are so good! Amazing.

Hey, I'm plugging you today so I hope you get lots of hits.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey, come check out my blog make-over! When the heck are you getting yours?

And how come your side bar gadgets don't have those little tool icons on the bottom like mine do?

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