Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Funny Fitness

We are in full swing with our Fitness teams. Two nights ago- at dinner, I was pouring drinks and I poured my husband and sons 2 & 3 fruit punch. Then I gave sons 1 &4 and myself water. (we get points for drinking water... they do not get points for punch.) At first the boys 2 &3 were confused, like, "hey- I got punch and they got water... but why aren't they fussing about that?" Then son 2 says, "HEY! I want water too!". My husband caught on .. and just smirked at me. (I'm sly competitive..."What?" I bat my eyes innocently. "I was just trying to be nice....") They didn't believe it.

So this morning, my husband wakes up early to go for a walk and he only wakes up sons 2 &3 to go with him. (THEY are trying to sneak in workouts without us!) Well that back fired because then they were GRUMPY/sleepy all morning. My husband apologized and promised not to do that again as I had to get them off to school.

But I love it. I volunteered to drive them to school- since they were so sleepy- but I rushed my son off walking to school. They noticed and said, "HEY! We're walking to school too mom- you are so mean!"

It's just funny. Normally they would beg for a ride, beg for fruit punch, etc.. etc.. but these teams make them say and do the funniest things! You've got to try it!


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emily said...

We had a good laugh about this!

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