Monday, December 29, 2008

ANOTHER Family picture

This is our older picture from April 08- to the right.

this is the new picture below.

My kids honestly have different clothes.

I mean- closets and drawers full of clothes! So one might wonder why we only take family pictures in these shirts?

I had the boys in white shirts, yet they decided to enjoy some hot cocoa and toast before church and my oldest son was the only one able to drink/eat that without dripping... so 2 min before church we are running around looking for new shirts. oh.. uh.. I mean... we looked in their closet and neatly hung, already ironed where church shirts a-plenty for them to pick from... but uh these were the only ones clean... I mean- these are their favorite shirts.
Tonight the kids - begged to have a sleep-over.
I don't know why I agreed.
I always say to myself, "NO MORE!" because my kids are always the FIRST to fall asleep.
And I don't feel like I can fall asleep until EVERYONE is asleep... and my bedtime is normally 9:30. (8:30 if I can swing it. I love to sleep.)
So staying up half the night- does not make a happy mommy in the morning.
But when they are all looking at me with those puppy-dog eyes.. and the bunch of kids has been rejected by other houses...
isn't there room in my inn?
couldn't I stay up late.... one night of their vacation?
( is my guilt trip working??? will any of my neighbors host the next sleep over?? Martha?? Crash??)

I crumbled. Then I made some really yummy popcorn. I wanted to post a picture to show you.. but by the time I thought of it- this is all that was left.
You melt 1 stick of butter in a sauce pan
add 1/2 cup of brown sugar
3/4 of a bag of marshmallows... stir until smooth.
Meanwhile- pop 3 bags of popcorn.
Pour popcorn in the large sauce pan- put a lid on it and shake it up. Try to get all the popcorn coated. It takes like Carmel corn or something to that nature.
very yummy- not that I had any of this batch.
It's not really that bad- I shewed them outside to get some energy out- playing night games.
Hopefully they will come in ready to watch a movie and go to sleep.
Thanks for those who are helping me with my domain name switcher-oo ... tomorrow I am going to get serious about it. (Our Internet is working!)


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SWIRL said...

um-- do we look like a family that needs 23 Air Jordans? That is funny and very random!

The Crash Test Dummy said...


I was thinking it was going to be Kristina P since she's always first in line.

What junk mail and junk calls aren't enough anymore? Now they gotta visit our blogs?

Okay, I totally tried to discourage the sleep over thing. My boys are sound asleep in bed because they have to go to Scout camp bright and early. If you would have let your son go you wouldn't be in this dilemma.

But then somehow Zach got invited and I didn't even say YES so feel free to send that one home. I'm still awake too. But we gotta stay up all night anyway and enjoy surfing the net right? If we didn't have internet I would feel sorry for you staying up all night.

I wish I had some of your popcorn right now.

Cute picture. Who took it for you?

Anjeny said...

Awww...I guess you truly are a sucker eh? Ok, I'm one to talk, Steph is having a sleep-over as I type. I think that one I was tricked into agreeing....sheesh, she baked me some goodies so I agreed to her having her friend over.
But hey, you should just send the boys over to Crash's. That'll keep her busy enough to lay of the
BTW, I love the picture.

Kristina P. said...

Wow, I am so glad I came over here! I totally need a new pair of Air Jordans! My prayers have been answered!

And that popcorn recipe sounds amazing.

clan of the cave hair said...

Heya Swirl! Thanks for coming by Fit for Service. I wish I knew how to direct you to change your bookclub account over to your new URL, but i do believe that Whitney at Mr and Mrs Potatohead has done it recently. Her blog should be listed on my Clan of the Cave Hair blog and you can try to contact her through there. She's very nice and I can't imagine she'd turn you down for help.-Lisa

Martha said...

The thing I don't dig about sleep overs is they never go to sleep. Ok, well your kids do and I kinda think my kids do----it's Crash's kids. They can party with the best of them and never knock off.

If I don't get my sleep, I am crack city. Right now they are putting up a tent. Good luck with that I say as long as I don't have to stay up with them.

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