Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just a year ago!

I was looking at pictures of last Christmas, just to see what we were doing a year ago. Making sure I wasn't missing or forgetting any holiday traditions and I stumbled upon these pictures at Pearl Harbor.

It was a crime! We had lived here 3 years and had never gone to Pearl Harbor. So one morning- we just thought, "today is the day". We hurried and got dressed.

I know you are thinking, "Yeah right! Your kids are dressed in matching outfits!" It's true- we didn't even shower that morning - probably more information than you wanted to know... but I did make sure the kids had matching outfits. If we are in public, it's just visually easier to keep a head count and keep track of them if they are all wearing the same thing. (But you'll notice son#3- I couldn't find his blue shirt.)

Anyway- I digress.. .
Our trip to Pearl Harbor was so AWESOME!

Some Pearl Harbor Veterans were there visiting and talked to the kids about what it was like, where they were, they were just 18 at the time!
They called it "The war fought by teenagers".

While you wait for your turn to take the boat out to the memorial, there is a museum and we got the headsets. It's worth it. There is so much information to process and it's like having a guided tour.

Then here are some pictures out at the memorial.

I'm so grateful for all those serving in our military. I'm humbled by their sacrifice. My father was in the Navy. I grew up- so proud of him- but at the same time missing him.
Thank you.
Thank you to those who continue to keep our country safe.
Wishing you all a safe return home.



Jen said...

That looks like such a great day! My husband's a vet, and my boys love stuff like that. Unfortunatley, Pearl Harbor isn't quite as accessible for us - showered or not:)

Kristina P. said...

I think it's easy to live in a place for a while, and not visit some of the most important or famous things to see! Looks like a really interesting field trip.

Martha said...

I think we hit Pearl Harbor about once a year just taking company there. So I've gone like 15 times.

Hey, we're staying in town this weekend. Maybe I'll take the kids there. Maybe.

TetVet68 said...

America's oldest living Medal of Honor recipient, living his 100th year is former enlisted Chief Petty Officer, Aviation Chief Ordnanceman (ACOM), later wartime commissioned Lieutenant John W. Finn, USN (Ret.). He is also the last surviving Medal of Honor, "The Day of Infamy", Japanese Attack on the Hawaiian Islands, Naval Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Territory of Hawaii, 7 December 1941.

'Navy Centenarian Sailor', 103 year old, former enlisted Chief Petty Officer, Aviation Chief Radioman (ACRM, Combat Aircrewman), later wartime commissioned Chief Warrant Officer Julio 'Jay' Ereneta, U. S. Navy (Ret.) is a thirty year career veteran of World War One and World War Two. He first flew aircrewman in August 1922; flew rearseat radioman/gunner in the 1920s/1930s air squadrons of the Navy's first aircraft carriers, USS LANGLEY (CV-1) and USS LEXINGTON (CV-2).

Visit my photo album tribute to these veteran shipmates:

San Diego, California

SWIRL said...

How cool is THAT! If you want to see more pictures of these heros look at the links above!
Thankyou for visiting!

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