Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A tradition we have continued from my husband's side of the family is a "Candy Count Down". His mother made these strips of felt with yarn ties. We had to hang them up in our bedroom and up fairly high- so son4 wont eat them all while older brothers are at school.

Last year, I let the kids eat whichever candy they wanted, as long as it was just one-a-day.

About half way through the month my husband noticed in disbelief that the kids were "cheating". I told him the kids asked, and following the "spirit" of the count down I thought it was fine. BUT I was corrected. (My husband likes to make-up rules. It's one of our jokes. He's the first to make them and usually the first to break them.)

Officially: You start at the top and move down the chain. {duh!}

And then this last picture.. Is for the benefit of our little Christmas tree. I don't want it to develop a complex about being small.
This is how big it looks if you are son4 looking up!


Emily said...

I think they should make them with their leftover halloween candy!

Anjeny said...

Hey, I like that tradition. I would borrow it but man I am soooo sick of candy, well, I am sick of all the gooey candy I have to scrape off the carpet. Looks like you're prepared for Christmas already. Love the tree, really cute.

Amanda said...

Wow, you're all set for Christmas....I've not bought the first present ormade the first plan for what we're doing LOL

No, I lied, I forgot...we did decide tonight to start our Jesus stocking on Sunday, but that's as far as the planning goes.

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