Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Birthday Boy

We had a great day today- wish all our family from the mainland could have spent it with us. It's just not the same..... but we did our best. :0P

Tradition in our family- is the Birthday Boy (or if it is me... girl.) gets to pick what we have for dinner. So we went to our new favorite restaurant in Haleiwa... called...

Haleiwa Eats. (It's a Thai Food restaurant.) It's a small little place but seriously the most yummy food I've ever had! (Better than Roys! Harold and Renon! We have to go there when you come!)

So I'm on assignment for my mother-in-law to get some pictures. But my kids... weren't playing along. Here son #2 completely ignoring me.

Son #4 had fallen asleep in the car- on the way to the restaurant..so he wasn't being very photogenic.

Son #1 doing his best to ignore me

then FINALLY son#3 was willing to do something note worthy...

I was glad someone was willing to play. After a yummy lunch we headed off to the ice rink.
That is something my husband has done on his birthday- ever since he can remember. In the "good ol days", they would rent out the rink... around midnight... and the family would play hockey. Those were some wild games. I think the last time we did that... we only had our oldest two. One uncle had to get stitches that night in the chin and one nephew went to the hospital for a slight concussion. You know... it's just a friendly game... no serious hitting or anything.

Son #4 really enjoyed himself. I am so glad they have these "walkers". They saved my back and my husband's.

I was able to sneak off and skate with the boys for a while, and Brian and I took turns with son #4

Here he is- teaching our youngest the joys of ice skating. (Son #2 off to the right.)

So that is the sneak peek into my husbands birthday day. He's pretty quiet and private - and I've probably shared too much as it is....
Happy Birthday honey- I love you! ( I know he reads my blog from time to time - he says he doesn't... but I know he does!)


Kristina P. said...

I can't ice skate. At all.

I hope you and your family has a very merry Christmas!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Brian! Sounds like you all had an enjoyable day. I hope Christmas brings a little more enthusiasm for pictures and I can't wait to see them!

We miss you guys, Christmas is not the same without you guys here, either.

Although, we are all sick (I spent the entire day of Christmas Eve in bed) and we've not seen Emily, Max and Zoe because they've been sick. So this year, we're not really all together even though we're all so close.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Does he really read your blog, Swirl? Lucky you.

Oh, how cute. First, I LOVE HALIEWA EATS! Sooooo yummmmm-O.

And you look gorgeous in that photo of you and Brian.

And it's so fun to see Heathy skating. Your baby is growing up.

Happy Birthday Brian! (Just in case he's reading today.)

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