Friday, December 12, 2008

Rain Rain.. go away..

It's crazy... one day your livin the dream.. chatting with your friends.. enjoying the balmy weather of tropical living and the next day you are knee deep in WATER! I "borrowed" this picture from my friend CRASH she actually walked/waded around the community and has some great pictures.

I spent the day at my house- I didn't want to take our son #4 out and have him swept away. I spent most the day.. preparing.. getting some extra sleeping room available in case anyone in our ward or neighborhood needed a dry place to sleep. (Our town house complex stayed above the flood zone.) BYU-H also opens it's gym as a shelter to house people too.


On a much happier note.. my BFF TAMN- is have a seriously awsome give-away!


Kristina P. said...

This is so amazing! Looks like fun, though.

Corrine said...

ok that is so crazy..(just found you on mormon mommies) we are living in Honolulu, and I noticed it raining all day, but we were packing...then my family decided to go see the lights down town..and everything was canceled and I was like..."what a little rain cancels an indoor thing.." then I saw the news and was like HOLY COW! It really did flood! And I kind of missed it all....and way cool pic....can I link it in my blog??

UK lass in US said...

Oh, good grief. I hope everyone's ok. They had flooding back home in England last year and it was pretty miserable for everyone (especially my newborn nephew). Take care,

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