Friday, January 30, 2009

A Proud Mommy Momment

Today I went on a school trip with my oldest son- It was an Engineering competition. They had different events... our school was there for the bridge contest and solar cars. This bridge to the right- wasn't from our school- but it was amazing! All the bridges were made from Popsicle sticks! Our submission held 45 pounds!

This bridge on the right- held OVER 450 pounds!
They ran out of weight! What an amazing bridge!

It twisted like a pretzel under the strain but it never broke!

Here is my son and his group.
They were given a baggie with parts and had to put the solar car together-
with out any directions!

And no help from any adults....
not that I could help if I wanted...

They had an hour to build the car and then they were going to race them.
Our boys had it done in a half an hour... and it worked!
I was so happy! So proud! So impressed! What a bunch of smarty-pants! (And our school was the only group of 6th graders... all the other schools were Middle School classes. We had two solar car teams.)
So then they started sanding the wheels and doing other things to "improve" it's speed... and come race time...
the car didn't work.
I know these pictures
the car is in the shadow....
but even in the sun it didn't work.
My proudest moment ever was watching my son cheer his fellow classmates, the other solar team race. And his classmates won FIRST PLACE!

I was so impressed that even though he was disappointed
he was able to put that aside and
be happy for his classmates.

He's a pretty awesome kid. Today was his birthday too.
Happy Birthday!


Sarah said...

Those things look like great fun for boys. Mr Sunshine used to enter solar boat competitions when he was about that age. But your boy has shown far more maturity and sportsmanship than Sunshine ever would!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Hugh!!! What a great kid, I'm proud of you too! I wish you guys were closer so your boys could be a positive influence for my boy :)

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Hugh! Sorry your car didn't work.

Kristina P. said...

I think that these kind of competitions are so fun.

Happy birthday, Hugh!

April said...

WOW!!! I am so impressed with the ingenuity of kids these days!! I barely knew how to string elastic bands together to play jumpsies! (Probably before your time. hahahaha!!!)

T said...

jumpsies with elastic bands? ummm... I'm not going to ask - maybe we didn't do that in Colorado, I certainly wouldn't blame it on an age difference :)

Happy Birthday to the Good Sport!!

(ummm... the WV is reminding me that I'm coming up a little short in certain areas of my life... it says "gospe" )

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Happy Birthday Hugh,

He's getting so grown up. I remember when Tatum did the solar car trip.

Great pictures.

Jami said...

What great fun! Right up my big monkey's alley.

And what a good sport and friend. Happy Belated Birthday to your handsome one!

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