Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you build it... it will come....

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MONTHS ago my son#1 was wanting a dog so ooooo bad.
It was all he would talk about, all he thought about, all he read about, he watched Dog Whisper on TV and other dog shows. He was a boy obsessed!

(Never mind that my husband is allergic to anything furry.)

But we conceded that we would be open-minded to having a dog- IF we could find the right kind of dog for our family.

So in the meantime I encouraged my son to "prepare" our yard for a dog.

So he and his friends built a dog house.

We tried finding a dog from the Pound- with no luck.

We tried finding a dog from Craigs List- we got one snappy dog that bit 3 kids in a weeks worth of stay- so that didn't work out. (It was really strange- he didn't bite my kids, just kids who came over to the house, and those that walked by us on walks. )

My son was was so sad and disappointed. I know he was hoping for a puppy at Christmas.
Can you see the vision of puppies dancing through his head??

Well- last night the "community stray" Princess
found her way in our back yard and slept in my sons dog house!
BOY! Were we surprised this morning.. while eating breakfast... we saw her peeking out the dog house opening. He was so proud that she liked his dog house!

{this is Princess.}


Ter said...

aw! :)

Kristina P. said...

She's so pretty!

April said...

She's adorable!!! And DEFINITELY an no allergies for the hubby!!!

kei'sblog said...

I think this dog followed my parents home on one of their walks...nice how she can just make herself feel at home!

SWIRL said...

Like I said- this is like a "community dog"... all the kids know her and she follows anyone who looks like they are going on a long walk.

But she is super sweet and hangs out at the park near our house.

I love her name is Princess!

Sandi said...

perfect title.....I wonder if I built myself a size 4 dress if the body would show up?

Emily said...

I love that your boys have a dog named Princess!

Becky said...

Looks like your family may have been adopted!

Martha said...

I heard Princess went home on Christmas Eve to visit her real family. Then the next day she came back.

Sarah said...

Princess is gorgeous!

Evidently your boys are expecting a fairly big dog judging by the size of the kennel.

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