Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks to my sister!

My sister posted these pictures of us on facebook. Thanks Em!

Look at how adorable we were!

This was the tree at our neighbors house. We had lots of pictures taken under it.

So if you ever wondered what Swirl looked like when I was actually a girl... and not a mother of four.. I'm the one in the orange dress.

I was thinking... when I'm 60 will I still be blogging here at Girl in a Swirl? or will I have moved on to a new blog ... "Flushed" "Down the Drain"

When I'm no longer caught in the swirl..

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April said...

Aren't sisters great???

I looooove the laughs and giggling you and your sister are doing, while the younger ones are kinda not sure what to do. WAIT....are those two right shoes I see?

Emily said...

This is one photo I found where we were not squinting into the sun!

A rare photo of Andy smiling!

T said...

a LONG time ago I posted a really bad childhood photo on my blog (something about pride being evil?) and I just have to say... you were a much cuter child :)

I suppose you could move on to "Granny in a Tizzy?" although it's lacking the same flair... but I haven't come up with a rhyme yet...

Ter said...

I have 3 brothers...I often wonder how great it would be to have a sister... :)

you were a cute kid.

Kristina P. said...

What a great picture! You all look like you actually like each other!

Anjeny said...

Amazing...that is just like looking at Heath in a dress with long hair. Cute kids.

Emily said...

I gave you an award on my stepping stones site! hooray, you!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh I totally knew that was you in the orange dress before you said it. YOU LOOK EXACTLY like HUNTER!

OMGOSH. Sooooooooo cute.

sooooo YOU!

Sarah said...

Aw... you were all so cute. Love the dress!

Amanda said...

We still take pictures under and in that tree LOL

I'll see if I can find the picture of you in a tap outfit because it looks just like Hunter in a dress :)

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