Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Road from 4 to 8

I remember so clearly- my first Sunday with 4 boys. We were having our son #4 blessed.
As I sat down, Anjeny's 4 boys came and sat in our row- happy to greet our new son.
I looked down the row and had a small panic attack. Just a glimpse of what life with 4 boys REALLY means.
I turned to my husband and whispered, "We don't just have 4 boys... we have 8." He looked at me and didn't get it.
But I knew- our house will never just hold 4 boys. If each of my sons invites a friend over- we have 8 boys with us. The road from 4-8 happened so fast! And it really has been that way.
When our family was younger, my first two boys... played together so well. Then as the oldest got older... #2 and #3 played well and #1 would invite a friend. Well now.. it's all about bringing a friend along- so no one feels left out.
Just a gentle warning to those mom's thinking about trying "one more time" for a girl.
Not that I regret in any way...
On a side note no one is happier tonight than me.
The kids were back in school and I was able to get a handle on the house today! It has been grand central station these last few weeks with 8 - 12 kids in my house at any given moment.
It was nice to just kick around with son #4 and get some chores done. ( without listening to Rock Band.)
( Like cleaning the dust off the ceiling fan! Talk about gross!)


Kristina P. said...

I think I would take 8 boys over 8 girls, anyday.

Noel said...

Hillarious! My heart goes out to you sister! Read my blog and you'll understand!

T said...

ceiling fan dust amazes me... how does it cling so well to something that is spinning around constantly?

"fratsub"... is that like the FHE groups at BYU...

Becky said...

I am always so glad when the kids go back to school. I love the peace and quiet it brings!

April said...

Why is it I only notice the ceiling fan dust when I have guests, and we notice it simultaneously?

Boys are so much fun! Although today it feels like I have a girl! Stinkin hormones!!!

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