Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Went Fishing

Our favorite fishing hole might look a little different than yours.

I took the boys fishing yesterday and bless her heart -CRASH took the boys today. (Really - Bless her!)

I just got back from Dentist appointments with all four boys and I needed a break/quiet moment to re-group.

(I hate going to the dentist.)

Anjeny came too.. which means we had 10 boys and one little girl with us yesterday!
Thanks Anjeny for meeting us! It was so nice catching up with you!

I love it when older brothers help younger brothers.

Looking for the next catch.


Kristina P. said...

Yeah, your fishing hole is slightly different from ours. Boo on you.

Ter said...

what, there's a fishing hole under all that snow outside? lol

I'm jealous of your warm weather.... wish I was there!

T said...

as much as I like the weather here in Southern Utah - those pictures are reminding me that I REALLY need some more heat this time of year :)

No Joke - my word verification is geologe... I think it's making a point about your fishing hole...

SWIRL said...

If you notice- I have a long sleeved shirt on. It was drizzling part of the time. The water was air temperature.. so that is always weird to me. Because- think about it- part of the sensation of getting in water is.. it's either COLDER than air temp or HOTTER like in a bath... so it's weird just getting wet- but not change in temp.

Brandie said...

THanks for your comment! Yes, I do handpaint them all...every single one! I love your pictures. My son would be jealous! You have an adorable family!

Sarah said...

Aw! You have such cute kids! Looks like everyone had fun.

I've just tried that reading level thing and apparently my blog's at undergraduate level. Which I find hilarious considering I'm still in highschool!

SWIRL said...

HEy everyone Sarah came to visit! I love Sarah..
I don't have a daughter... as all you guys know.. but if I did. I like to think she would be like Sarah.

She's smart and funny and crafty! I love all her softies she makes!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh those photos are so cute. Thanks for taking my boys. I'm going to tell a story about Hatrick tomorrow on my blog. Something that happened today while we were at Aligator pond.

Your verifier is saying fispigme.


Anjeny said...

Hey, thanks for inviting us. The kids had a really great time and it was nice to touch base with you. How was the visit with the dentist? If there are no cavities, you don't have to worry about darkening their doorways for at six months.
Love the've become guite the photographer.

Erin said...

Thanks for adding my button and entering the contest. I don't see a post about it yet, so you have 6 entries so far. Post about it and you'll get 10 more entries (let me know when you do)!.

Sorry, only one entry per person as far as comments go. I have to keep it fair. :) Good luck! Winners will be announced on the 15th! I'll cross my fingers for you!

Designer Blogs said...

Oops, I was logged in under my personal blog. That last comment is from me.

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