Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby Steps

Some of you might still be still sitting on the fence. You want to help your son improve in reading. A book club sounds like an interesting idea. But you are hesitant to take the first step- because you don't want to set yourself up for failure.
Get into something way out of your comfort zone.
Take a moment and really think.
"What is preventing you from starting a book club for your son?"
The first time I ever mentioned my idea of a book club to my eldest son- he just gave me that "look". You know the "look". In a single glance he clearly communicates that he thinks that's a lame idea, that I am the most "un-cool" mom, that I must be a real DORK to even think that THAT could possibly be fun. Then the protests. "None of my friends will come".
Oooooooooohhhh.... one thing he hasn't figured out yet is the power of a mother! I know perfectly well- his friends will come.(Because it is not up to "his friends". It is up to "his friends- MOM's!)

My point is... don't wait for your son to show interest in having a book club. (I doubt the day will come- on it's own. ) This is something that slowly g-r-o-w-s on them. My son was VERY skeptical....down to the few minutes after all the boys arrived. He was giving apologetic glances at his friends like, "Sorry guys- I know this is going to be painful- my Mom's a dork- what can I say?" And then I pulled out the SUPER Soaker and started asking them questions about the book. If they answered wrong- they got a big BLAST. If they answered right- they were spared.. for the moment.
We then played a game. (This is from the Alligator Free Book Outline). They were hot and sweaty and tired and we enjoyed pizza and drinks while I introduced the next book. The boys were so excited when I told them we were going to have book club every month. (I even heard in hushed whispers while the boys were leaving, "Hugh- your mom is so cool!")
Really- after that. No one has ever complained about book club. And even better is- they read the book. Those "incentive" games really help. They know they better read the book or suffer the consequence!
So don't make this complicated. Take a breath. It's not as hard as you might make it seem. (Especially if you are a perfectionist type of mom.) It doesn't have to be cute and color coordinated. Boys really are low maintenance that way.
So get started. Jump off the fence and start a book club!
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(previously posted on Sept 2007)

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Martha said...

So when is Hunter's book club? For that matter, when is his bday party? I need to get my calendar updated.

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